Brown Fendi Spy

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  1. I just ordered a brown Fendi Spy Bag from bluefly and had some questions. I've been out of the spy game for soooo long, that I can't remember if there were different sizes of the classic spy:


    This is the picture of the item I purchased.

    I was comparing it with the measurements from the black spy, they are as follows:


    Bag measures approximately 16'' wide X 11'' tall X 5'' base depth


    Handbag measures approximately 17'' wide x 10½'' tall x 6'' deep

    I know its not much of a diff, but I just want to make sure I ordered the right spy :lol: Someone NEEEEDS to pull me away from bluefly, I've gone nuts there during the last couple of days:nuts: :lol: Its all this forum's fault too:P ! All of those bluefly announcements lol ;)
  2. i think there is only one size of the spy bag and then there is the satchel and the hobo. not sure though.
  3. The Spy's dimensions seem to vary a bit- You still got the 'regular' size. whenever I have posted about Spy's, I have seen the sizes vary a bit also. :idea:
  4. I'm sure there is only one size for the spy, so the slight difference may just be the measuring tape.
  5. I will call Fendi and ask today...I just noticed that too!
  6. They only have the 8br511 size for the classic spy, they don't make the larger, grande size in 8br512 anymore. Hope this helps, it should be the classic size you always see in the satchel.
  7. Good luck with the Spy....I remember all the problems you had with Fendi a few months ago.
  8. Very nice bag! :love:
    when she arrives can you post a pic with your carrying it ? I was the bag in Holts( there was no sales rep around ) so i couldnt try it on, but it looks so big..
    Even still i love the bag,.. Congrat's

  9. Noriko, I tried to measure my spy and tried to post an answer this morning but when I posted it, the TPB was temp shut down by Vlad due to maintenance (sp) so I was ughhh..and I lost my post.

    Anyway..I wasn't sure though how to measure mine due the slouchiness of the spy but this is what I got..gosh I hope I remember it right ( I am in my office right now) and this morning I was at home when I measured the spy.

    Nop. I can't remember it so I am not help right now. I will post again when I get home tonight.

    I LOVE THE SPY!! That color you ordered is what I have right now. I want another one in different color. I just can't get enough of the spy bag.
  10. Thanks for the info! :biggrin: Bluefly just sent me an email saying that my order was submitted to the warehouse. I'm hoping that I get some sort of confirmation that it has shipped. I'm expecting my Fendi Spy Hobo (black) today, and my paddington coming soon as well. Someone totally needs to keep me away from that site. I never realized that (with coupon codes), bluefly had some pretty decent deals on relatively recent things.

    Suli: I really hope I don't have any spy problems! At least bluefly has a 90 day money back guarantee though, not like Fendi's not even 90 minute money back :lol:
  11. yay! don't forget to post pics!
  12. don't forget the pics!
  13. I sure will! :biggrin: The hobo should be here any minute now, I hope its beautiful! :nuts:
  14. The other forum I go to has a bouncing cheerleader smilie - we really need it here! I'll just go yaaaaaaaayyyyy! Can't wait to see pics.

    PS Love your new title. ;)
  15.'s so prettty...i want to get one too!!!!noriko congratzzzzzz///and post pics pleaseeeeee :love: