Brown Eyeshadow Recommendations!

  1. :biggrin: Please!
  2. What kinda brown--matte or shimmer?
  3. ^^^ Matte definitely, I have dark brown eyes, love purple eyeshadow but need some browns!!
  4. I like Stila shadows. There are some very pretty colors. Smashbox also has some really great browns.
  5. I always think that it's best to contrast a lil bit. Brown eyes look beautiful with all shades of purple, but if you go for a matte brown, will it 'overpower' your natural iris? If you like brown, try a slight pearly brown shade which will really illuminate the eyes, instead of casting a 'shadow' over them as matte shadows often do. And yup, MAC has the best eyeshadows!
  6. Any MAC colours are perfect basics for any make up collection. Browns generally speaking are abundant in the marketplace, so there is lots of selection - you can usually get a quad for a good price from good brands too.
  7. Wow you know your stuff thanks!!!
  8. Smashbox also has some pretty browns, as well as Laura Geller.
  9. I use Bobbi Brown and Chanel shadows; have been for years.

    Bobbi Brown has so many brown shades, matte - shimmers - you name it. I highly recommend them, and the little pots last forever.
  10. Bobbi Brown has a great brown that I use...definitely nothing shimmery...but looks great.

    Let me know if you want the name so I can dig in my makeup bag...
  11. MAC 'brun'
  12. I'm using Lancome's "Mannequin" Color Design shadow and like it a lot, it's easy to layer for a more intense color and it's shimmery. I've had good luck with Stila shadows in the past too.
  13. i like aveda's browns, shimmery and pretty
  14. MAC, stila and bobbi brown have the best eye shadow formulations i think. suprisingly i also really like wet 'n' wild pot shadow. they're all SUPER shimmery, so probably not what you're looking for but mink is a really pretty lightish brown (and cream is a great cream colored shadow)...i have DARK brown almost black eyes and tons of high end shadows. i end up reaching for those two wet n wild shadows most days. they're only 99 cents so even if you don't like them you're not really out anything.