Brown Expandable Tote meets Flap!

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  1. I have been doing some bag shuffling lately, paring down five my black bags to only one and adding more brown, because brown has always been my favorite handbag color.

    The goal was finally met. All four black bags have been sold. I am keeping the black/silver GST as my one and only black bag. As the last sale ended, I was surfing ebay and found a dark brown expandable tote, BNWT, for $600 under retail. I had just bought the flap version in dark brown last month and tried very hard to talk myself out of buying the tote. When I started my search for a brown expandable, the tote was my first choice. Once the search for the tote became elusive, I bought the flap.

    After much internal drama while the auction was in progress, I finally decided to bid on the tote one minute before closing and won. I was the sole bidder thankfully!

    Now that it's finally here I have to say the flap is the nicer of the two. The leather fits the flap style better, the drop is shorter, and the look is more classic Chanel. The drop on the tote is a bit long but since I don't stuff my bags to capacity, won't have issues with the bottom sagging. And being a tote lover at heart, it fits with my lifestyle.

    I'm glad I own both styles and wish a red flap would fall out of the sky to join my expandable family!

    Pics below. I included one of the flap for comparison purposes.

  2. wow! gorgeous bags! I love both of them! Congrats
  3. both of them look stunning on u!
  4. They both are fabulous! Congratulations!
  5. I love the expandables! congrats on the great deal, I saw that auction and I'm glad you got it Roey! I have the tote is red and black and a black and cream flap. They are great bags.
  6. I love both -- and you're lucky I missed the brown expandable tote auction!!! Congrats, roey. :yes:
  7. wow congrats on all your sales. I love both of your purchases. They both look great on you.
  8. Great job.....I am salivating and dying down here.....but, one day,maybe.....Congrats Roey.....:tup::yes::heart:H
  9. They look great on you. I have this tote in red and love it. Congrats!
  10. YOU HAVE THIS TOTE IN RED......:bagslap:Lets duel for it....:heart:H

  11. love both, congrats!!
  12. :yes:
    :bagslap:I'll duel you for the red also...SJunky13, come down south....:heart::yes:H

  13. Congrats! They both look great on you.
  14. both look great on you, congrats
  15. LOL at habanerita!:lol: We need to find you a red expandable girl! I'll keep my eyes open. I'm sure one is bound to pop up somewhere.