Brown expandable flap **Pics**

  1. Hi ladies,

    My brown expandable flap arrived today and I just wanted to share pics. Although the bag is beautiful, I'm not sure the color is really "me." I do adore the style, I already have the white from last season and I'm waitlisted for the red exp flap. I might exchange the brown for the black exp flap, but I'm not sure yet because I have too many black bags. I'm hoping that I can somehow make the brown work because I don't have any brown bags in my collection yet. Anyhoo, here are pics. I *love* the new single strap. :heart: Thanks for letting me share.


  2. Awww!! Congrats!!! The brown is soo gorgeous!
  3. You guys are killing me with all of these gorgeous Expandable bag photos! I have a Chanel wishlist a mile long now! I love brown handbags, and this one is a stunner. Congrats!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  4. That bag looks stunning on you, congrats!
  5. Eeeek! I am in love with your new bag Jenn!! You're killing me. Like Stephanie, I'm a sucker for brown handbags. How am I ever going to get this one when I don't even have half the cost in my checkbook? ARGH!!

    This is TDF!! And it looks fantastic on you.

    Ack! Edited to add you might exchange it for the black expandable. If you do, let me know... I may be second in line if your s/a doesn't have a wait list.
  6. Thanks Rica. Do you have enough time to use all of your beautiful reissues? ;)

    Thanks Stephanie! If you're a brown bag lover, I'd definitely suggest the brown exp flap or tote. It's a true chocolate brown and it's gorgeous.

    Thank you coldplaylover

    Roey: Thanks! I'll definitely let you know. I really want the color to work for me because it's a true mouth watering chocolate brown, but I'll have to sleep on it.
  7. I got your PM girl. :smile: Ahh, you are killing me with your stunning, gorgeous bags haha... and I'm such a brown bag lover it ain't even funny! :p I do hope I like the dark brown E/W MC haha. Anyway, I think the bag looks really beautiful on you (though I can't imagine any bag looking less than fabulous on you!), but like you mentioned, if you love the color but don't know if it can work for you, wellll... I'm in NY, so you can just send it over to me! ;) Haha seriously though, maybe you can try it on with various items in your closet, and see if you can make it work with what you have, because no matter how beautiful the bag, if it just sits there getting no love, then it's a waste (especially considering these increased prices), KWIM? :smile: I'm sure you'll make the best decision Jenn, no worries... and I can't wait to see your loot that's en route hehe!! :p
  8. I love the brown ~~ great bag!
    You have a great selection of really great styles!
  9. Minal: Thank you! So the brown e/w MC is a go for you? Did you get your black MC yet? ITA that no matter how beautiful the bag, it's a waste if it's just going to sit in my closet. I'll let you know what I decide. LOL, "loot that's en route," that was cute!

    Thank you Lady chinadoll.
  10. What a great bag on you and in general! Love the color but if you're unsure, give it time and think about it. It would be a bummer to not get any use out of it. The black and red would be gorg!:okay:
  11. Congrats!!! The bag looks so good on you!!!!
  12. Jenn, thanks for sharing pics. You are so stunning, every bag looks amazing on you.

    I hear you on black bags. Even though I find some brown bags very pretty, I always end up going for black ones.
  13. i think the colour is droolworthy, such a yummy chocolate shade! and it looks lovely on you too! sleep on it, and hopefully you'll have more ideas as to how to make this colour work for you come tomorrow! Congrats nonetheless!
  14. Hi Jenn. :smile: Welll... my SA is calling me when both the brown E/W and the black N/S come in (supposedly any day now). The black N/S is a definite, and as for the brown E/W... I have to see how it looks on me before deciding. :smile: If I'm not feeling the way it looks on me, I just might get doubles haha (you know how that goes)! ;) Unfortunately, NM didn't order the brown in the N/S style, so I'll have to track one down from elsewhere. :sad: I hope they come in soon... I'm going crazy haha. Ohh, I can't wait to hear what decide on, and of course see the rest of your new babies!! :p

  15. ooooooh boy! that's a purty bag!!!