brown Edith shopper on! Hurry!

  1. Dang-it! It is already gone.
  2. I have this bag and I love it! The colour is much, much prettier than the websites show.
  3. It's a full time job keeping up with the NM and BG returns/restocks. Thanks goodness I am done buying! :sneaky:
  4. Ain't that the truth!
  5. Hi Everyone! New to this forum!:smile:

    Remember how the Edith shoppers were up on sale again (at BG) a couple of days ago around midnight? Well, I got one! I'm a bit it heavy? Like IFiore heavy? Maybe not because it doesn't have too much hardware. It looks like the handles are big enough to place on the shoulder, right? For those who have it, are you happy with yours?

    I love the medium Edith in Whiskey, but I still think it's fake, so it's going back to Bloomies this afternoon. I just hope the BG Edith shopper is legit. I'll post pics when I get it this Saturday (according to FedEx.)
  6. This is showing available again in the brown.
  7. still available!