Brown Distressed Leather Jacket (Pictures)!

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  1. I am thinking about buying this brown distressed leather jacket and I was wondering if you think it is dated or would it be acceptable to wear these days?

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  2. i like it! i would wear it open with a pashmina scarf over it.
  3. the style doesn't look dated at tall...some modeling pic would be lovely
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Any more opinions?
  5. hmm... personally im not a fan.
    i think brown jackets are hard to pull off...
    that's just my opinion though. :smile:
  6. I think it's a classic--you should get it. I wear my brown leather jackets with a black bag and black boots--I think it looks more interesting than all brown.
  7. :drool: this is a classic!! I love it, perfect style, perfect color :smile:
  8. :tup:
  9. That jacket is lovely, can't see it going out of style because you can always jazz it up with stylish tops and bottoms (and scarves) I say buy it.
  10. I love it...classy timeless style BUT, with tan shades you have to be careful of your coloring. I look horrific in most tans...I am fair complexion dark blonde hair...modeling pics would be lovely if you can....
  11. I think the blazer style is a bit dated for leather jackets. But the leather itself looks so distressed and beautiful.
  12. Since some ladies have made outfit suggestions, can we get some modeling pics please?
  13. I like it. But I have to admit a have a brown leather jacket I never wear. I went to a lot of trouble getting it and now find it doesn't do anything for me.
  14. DEF! its has beautiful distressed leather! it would look great with skinnys and a pair of tall brown or black boots! and i agree with the pasmina! post modeling pics if you get it!!