Brown discharge.

  1. So lets start at the beginning.

    I went to take my birth control today (Orthro Tri Cyclen Lo) and realized some how I'm a day or two off. I don't know how this happened because I take it everyday. (Don't remember skipping any days.)

    While I slept, I had a dream that I was pregnant. I woke up, felt like a had a little vaginal fart or discharge, thought of it a bit, then went back to bed. I woke up at about 5am and doodled around for a bit, then kept thinking of my dream. I went to check if my discharge was normal just to be safe, it's this funky brown. I've had this before, usually the day before my menstrual, but I'm like a week or 2 away from when I should be getting my period. It's got the regular odor that that creamy white discharge I've had before, but this time it's brown. (sorry for the nasty details)

    I read up online, one person said she had it twice, one time being she was 2 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage. Others say it's a sign they are pregnant. Another said its from rough intercourse (which has not happened), and one RN said it can be from birth control (when reading this one, I believe they brought up my specific type of pills too.) I'm freaked out, and my stomach hurts really bad. Making noises and what not. I called DF and tell him whats up. Asking him to come home right after work. I'm scared to be pregnant because I'm not ready, but I'm scared of a miscarriage because I've had a miscarriage before and it was awful. At a doctors apt. they said the fetus was not moving much, and I was likely to have a miscarriage. And to naturally let it just discharge from my body. Later that night I woke up bleeding through my clothes, sheets, and blanket. And when I put a new over night pad before going to the hosptial, I bleed right through that in about 10 seconds. I went to the ER and I was feeling pains sooner and sooner. The nurse said it was contractions, that my fetus no longer had a heart beat, so the pain I was feeling was like a birth. But to a dead fetus. It was sooo painful those contractions, I was screaming so hard. I have health problems that will make carrying extreamly hard. If this is a miscarriage then I'm just scared my doctors are right about me not being able to carry regularly.

    Maybe I'm thinking too much. I hope it's just a side effect of my pills. Anyone ever had this happen? TIA for any information!
  2. Ok, Ive never had a miscarriage, so I cant really elaborate on that.

    But, I have had brown discharge, its usually right before my period(like you said) or the day after. But, a few months ago I had it, and a period was no where in site. It was about the same as you, like 2 weeks after my period ended, and I did have a few pains in my lower stomach area, kind of like cramps-but not nearly as bad as my cramps usually are. I was kind of scared too, because that has NEVER happened to me before. I kind of wrote it off, and went on with my daily routine. I figured, if my period didnt come-thats when I would worry(Im not a worry wart in the least bit). My period did come, so I didnt worry about it at all. I felt fine, and my period was normal. Since you are on birth control(Im not) and you did some research and found the brown discharge associated with the pill, I wouldnt worry about it too much.
    If it were ME, I would wait it out. See if your period comes, and if its normal/abnormal. Decide from there whether to visit the doctor or not.
    BUT, if you feel something really is wrong(only you can really tell) It wont hurt to make a doctors appointment!
    Good luck! Keep us updated!!
  3. I think it's because you skipped 2 days of pills. I have done that and had the same thing happen. I don't think you should worry but if it makes you feel better, go to the doctor to ease your mind.
  4. Ive skipped 2 days of pills before and its never happened. I also read that it can be from an infection?? But I'm really clean down there. Wiping front to back. (haha)
  5. Forgot to add, cervical cancer and vulva cancer runs in my family.
  6. It could be blood. Blood turns brown after a while. It could be a little bit of breakthrough bleeding that was slow to come out, so it turned brown. When I was on the pill as a teen, my periods were so light that they would come out on the brown side.

  7. Maybe, it didn't smell like blood though.. I checked again, and now its looking reddr like blood. Maybe youre right. I'm calling for an appointment tomorrow just to be safe.
  8. What you are describing could be totally related to the fact that you have missed taking your birth control pills. However, given the above statement I would rather be safe than sorry and make an appt. with your doctor asap. Good luck!
  9. I've had had brown yuck instead of red before, but I have totally messed up hormones. I just figured it was older blood that hadn't come out yet.
  10. I'm thinking your right. I called the 24 hour on call doctor and he was saying it might be the same thing. But, my period isn't due for another 2 weeks. My brown yuck is now red, and earlier when I went to pee my pee looked red. (its not like that on my period) so I get scared I was peeing blood. (my bff is a nurse and was telling me those stories of people having pee in their blood from infections, scary stuff)

    So tomorrow I'm headed to the doctors hopefully. Wish me luck!!:s
  11. ^^ yea girl, head to the doc! I hope its nothing, though! Keep us updated!!

    BTW:I think we've been on for 12 hours now :roflmfao:
  12. I have had the same brown yuckiness and am so happy that I have people to talk about it with! Thank you OP for starting this thread!

    Despite me having the brown stuff, i've never had what you are having. It's usually pre-period and my period is pretty light it often comes out on the brown side.

    I hope everything is ok! Our bodies are so weird!
  13. arm9047 "I hope everything is ok! Our bodies are so weird!"
    -I know. Being a woman can be soooo complicated!

    Queenofda702 " BTW:I think we've been on for 12 hours now"
    -Hehehee. What can I say?? Can't get enough my my tPF'ers and you!!

    So I called my doctor today in between classes, and I was so upset. The nurse told me she'll pass on the symptoms to my doctor and see if he wants to see me because he's still "recovering from his one week vacation." This is pathetic! This year I got a new doctor because I had to change medical insurance companies, and I was so unhappy with my last (and it was my first visit) visit, I told my Mother I wanted to change back to my old doctor. (I am, it becomes effective Dec. 1st) And now I'm irritated because I have to wait until then to see her. My doctor's nurse called and left a voicemail (in class) and told me he did not feel the need to see me. That it's probably my hormones out of wack because I've missed my pills. (even though I've missed before and this NEVER has happened) I mean, he probably is right, but I'm afraid and if I'm scared he should see me! Cervical cancer and Vulva cancer runs in my family, he should have still told me to come in to run tests! (the last time I went in, I had some private problems and it required test and he didnt test me. He didn't swab or anything. He just looked at it and said, "It's probably this because you have a few of the same symptoms." It's like, isn't it better safe than sorry and just test me!? It's not like I can't afford it! I'm going to pay!!) I'm scared if I all the sudden start bleeding a lot more like I did last time with my miscarriage (which I lost so much blood and had surgery to save my damn life), I'm going to be so mad at him for not seeing me! It's pathetic! What kind of doctor doesn't see his patience because he's still "recovering" from his vacation?? Even if he was fully packed today, he should still make room for a client if they are feeling worried and are sick with a medical history like mine.

    My Mother went to see him last week and he didnt test her either. He just gave her codeine and said to "ride it out". She said he was nice though. Of course he would be to her. She's the primary name on our insurance, she's the one who has the "power" to change doctors so he's kissing her butt! What he doesnt know is, I told her how he treated me. She was mad, and we're switching. His nurse told me today to pop some ibuprofen and to "ride it out" What ever happened to good service anywhere?!
  14. Wow, I cannot believe your doc! Shoot, there might be a malpractice suit in the air or something. What a jerk! Maybe you can talk to your doc you like and see if there is any way they can "forget" to bill you until you are with your new insurance? Tell them you don't think your doc is taking care of you and that you are really worried. If that can't happen, insist that you go in and see your current doctor and tell him you want to be tested. It's your body and he doesn't know it like you do. Be strong!
  15. The nurse said because I didn't have a fever (you dont need a freakin fever for it to be an emergency!) and because I'm not bleeding through pads within minutes (like my miscarriage) then I don't have to be seen. They said when my normal period does come, it will be abnormal (guess they thought if I freaked out they should tell me now so they dont have to deal with another call if I freak that it's not normal). Don't think I can sue him because he can say it wasn't an emergency?

    My old doctor can't see me because every time they see a client they have to take my insurance card and they punch it in to check the co-payment. And if I'm not insured, it says it. :tdown: Guess I'll have to wait for the 1st of December. When I do go to see the old doc, she's gonna have a lot of making up to do with all the test my new doctor refuses to do. (he doesnt have a lab on site like my old doc, but couldnt he just mail it out??)