Brown Dior Gaucho

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  1. Have you guys seen the Gaucho in brown? It's on eluxury. Here's a pic.

    I think I like the red one the best. What do you think of this color?
  2. I am clearly losing my mind again.... I think the BH CD has some. The waiting lists have kind of exploded recently.
  3. I prefer red.

    What is BH CD?
  4. I don't like the brown color at all. Love the red, like the white a lot, but the brown is just lacking something. But that's just MY opinion...
  5. Too many acronyms. Sorry... Beverly Hills Christian Dior. I just spoke to them a couple days ago. I love that color.
  6. The brown seems too "rugged" or something. I like red and white much better. But I don't really like the Gaucho, I prefer simpler bags.
  7. I saw the brown double in South Coast Plaza today and I got to say... the red gaucho looks alot better.
  8. The red looks better, but that looks like it goes with more.
  9. I think I like the red best.
  10. I like the red and the white :biggrin:
  11. Hey!!!! I was there today too! Pretty late though, from about 6:30-8:00. I was in CD about 6:55....I know that because I thought See's candy closed at 7:00 and I had to JAM down to the other end of the mall! :lol:

    The Gaucho's are not a bag for me. Thank goodness. :P
  12. I have the brown and love it. I'm a brown/neutral lover though. I get a ton of compliments on it. I don't like red and to me, white is a seasonal color. I live in Las Vegas, but I still only carry white in the summer. JMO!