Brown debate

  1. Bark or Cognac(or any dark brown) I am torn, have the opportunity to pick up a very very nice Bark bag for a good price but I'm afraid its too light orangie too neutral not brown enough to be my brown bag. Thoughts?
  2. I love bark... the burgundy suede is a great contrast with it. Cognac is harder to find and I'm not a fan of the tan canvas lining... JMO. Of course, suede does make the bag heavier, but it's worth it!
  3. Not too orangie thithi?
  4. can you post some pictures for us to see? i think we'll be able to judge better this way. i had a bark venetia and i loved the color and suede interior. i can't say i remember cognac very well.
  5. bark, with out a doubt. It's really just a rich looking gorgeous color.
    In my opinion, I don't think the brown and yellow stitching looks right with the cognac.
  6. Definitely the Bark, esp since it has suede lining. But I also like the color better - I think it's "livelier". The Cognac looks a little too "blah"
  7. yeah... not liking the contrast stitching on cognac either.. it does appear a bit on the orange side. Go with bark! =)
  8. Bark looks gorgeous!!!
  9. bark mp for sure!
  10. Another vote for bark! :yes:
  11. Bark for sure!
  12. I am surprised there aren't more brown MJ shades. I am really into brown for clothing, makeup, decorating...I think it's a great color and has really come into its own over the past several years. Why no great brown MJ's? I wish there were more options. I know there is cocoa and peanut, but I'm talking about a rich, chocolately brown. I can't wait to see the Truffle Stam in person. I think it might be close to what I am looking for. Am I missing some other brown MJ shades? I just can't remember any color that is close to that.
  13. Bark!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bark! It's got more of a deep maroon undertone, not at all yellow. It's a really great rich color. Also, the interior color/contrast stitching color combo is great (much better than the contrast on the bark, IMO).