Brown Color Family - PICS ONLY!!!

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  1. Please post any photos of your Balenciaga bags in the Brown Color family.

    Please indicate the color name, style, season and year of the bag you are posting.

    This is a picture thread only...NO CHATTER! Thank you.
  2. 2004 Marron Classique
    2004 Marron Weekender
    2004 Marron Cities
    2004 Marron Weekender

    marron.jpg Brown Voyage-Weekender.jpg KIF_3984.jpg 04marroncity3.jpg 04MarronWeekender.jpg
  3. Suede classique with raised pewter hardware.

    Left pic: Chocolate
    Right pic: Beige
    IMG_0060.JPG S5002038.jpg
  4. 2002 Caramel Classique
    CIMG2503.JPG fla.jpg
  5. 2002 Pebbled Chocolate LeDix Tote
  6. 2002 Multi-Zip Classique in Chocolate Suede
  7. 2003 Caramel Hobo Messenger
  8. 2003 Caramel City
  9. 2003 Chocolate Suede Hobo
  10. 2004 Camel Aviator Flight-Helmet Bag
    04_camel_aviator_back.jpg 04_camel_aviator_front.jpg 04_camel_aviator_open.jpg 04_camel_aviator_under.jpg
  11. 2005 Bronze Metallic First
    2005 Bronze Metallic Twiggy
    bronze metallic.jpg IMG_0946.jpg
  12. 2005 Chocolate First
    2005 Chocolate City
    chocolate.jpg IMG_2931_1.jpg
  13. 2003 Mastic First
  14. 2003 Olive Brown City
    2003 Olive Brown Weekender
    2003 Olive Brown City
    IMG_0514.jpg 03Olive3.jpg
  15. 2005 Caramel Purse
    2005 Caramel Work
    2005 Caramel First
    122-2211_IMG.JPG attachment-1.php.jpg caramel.jpg