Brown Color Family...Pics Only!

  1. Jypsiere 31 Clemence Kraft (daylight)
    DSC00964.jpg DSC00969.jpg DSC00972.jpg
  2. My first Picotin in Gold:smile:
  3. my husband's wallet
  4. B30 Ebene Ostrich PHW
  5. K28 Sellier Brique Box GHW
  6. My gold treasure..Sellier Kelly 32 n Lindy 30.Luv them both:biggrin:
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1385852832.363663.jpg

    Brique birkin 35 in Epsom w orange interior & white stitching, palladium hardware
  8. Recently acquired Veau Togo Kelly 32 (retourne) with GHW in color Cacao, 4H. The photo taken on top of box best represents color IRL. Photo taken on table appears to show undertones of gray, which this purse does not have. It's a creamy milk chocolate color.
    IMAG4481_cacao1.jpg IMAG4484_cacao2.jpg
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392264849.563885.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392264861.820864.jpg

    30 CM Togo birkin in Brule. I don't know if Brule is a new color. Very close to cafe (outdoor)and chocolate (with indoor lighting)
  10. Tabac Camel Lindy 30
  11. Kelly 35 Box, PHW.
  12. Gold Birkin with GHW in either Epsom or Courcheval (pic taken at night)
    IMG_1229 copy.jpg
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  13. Box calf Kelly 32 from 1991 with GHW
  14. Kelly 32 Toile Gold and 35cm Brûlée Togo. Brûlée is between cacao and coffee.

  15. This is my lindy gold in gold :heart: