Brown Coat....Can it go with everything? Even black?

  1. My hubby got me a puffer coat from JCrew for my birthday. I wanted black and he said he ordered black, but they delivered chocolate brown. The jacket fits perfectly...and they are doing a search for a black one in my size. But if they don't find one...what do you think...can a dark brown coat go with everything? Even a black handbag and black shoes? Or is it a complete no-no????
  2. as it is a puffer coat rather than wool, I think black would be better
  3. I actually prefer brown coats because they go with more and black can look harsh
  4. I think they can go together, but I'd prefer a brown wool coat to wear with black since it looks more elegant and put together than wearing a puffer.
  5. Yea the puffer is for more of a casual look definetly!!! I'm working on trying to decide on a gorgeous, more formal coat (which will probably be in a grey color because I have cats...and black wool and cats don't mix very well LOL)!
  6. I completely agree! Brown looks chic, goes with everything, looks good on everyone, and IMHO doesn't look like you're trying to hard. Everyone has a black coat - you'll stand out a little. Brown has actually become my favorite basic!
  7. Though I always prefer black, I believe you can totally pull it off! Brown coats look chic! And since its a puffer jacket, its probably a bit more casual anyways! Besides, not only will it look great with your black accessories, but you can match it with almost every other color too! :p
  8. Thanks everyone!!!!
  9. brown can go with black. but it really depends on what kind of brown. A dark chocolaty brown will definitnely go with black.

    please, no more black coats!! lets all take a chance with other colors.
  10. hi twiggers,
    i asked myself that same question recently b/c i bought a great vintage Dolce & Gabbana brown wool A-line coat with huge buttons that looked totally in style for this winter.
    and i wore it with black! b/c i almost always wear black when it's really cold. but, then i realized i had planned my outfit with black clothes so i could carry my vert anis ostrich birkin....and it totally blew the color scheme totally so i had to switch bags.
    if everything else is black, then brown is OK to top it off with the coat. but watch your color schemes, you can't throw on a blue scarf with the brown coat if you've got black pants on LOL. stay warm!
  11. u can always wear brown coat with brown/beige shoes and purses... plus, i think it's a great addition beside the basic black coat/jacket...