brown clutch BIN 675

  1. Mmmmhhhhhhhh . . . gorgeous clutch :drool: :nuts: !!!!! Good luck everyone :flowers:

    Thank you for posting olfa :love:
  2. Looks pretty big according to the measurements! Love the color though.
  3. I've never seen that style before! Very cool, thanks for posting it, Olfa!
  4. Me neither, but that could be a great bag for someone who doesn't carry a lot around or like a toilet case for a weekender:smile:.....haha good that I carry a lot around and don't have a weekender...hanging in there for my black city:graucho:
  5. i saw this at aloha rag this summer when i was in hawaii and i loved it, i want it so bad but i really cant spend that much money right now i just bought a bag
  6. Ohhhh..that's the one that I just bought!!!!! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I was choosing between that one and a Chanel. Well, Balenciaga won (and NOTHING usually comes between me and my Chanels!)!!!! I will post pics in another thread a little later today!