Brown Classic Flap w/ Gold HW vs. Brown Mademoiselle Flap w/ Silver HW???

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  1. I'm looking to add a chocolate brown flap to my collection at some point and am trying to decide which bag would make more sense in my collection - a brown lambskin classic flap with gold hardware or a brown lambskin mademoiselle flap with silver hardware.

    I'm thinking that I like the uniqueness of the mademoiselle flap, but that I also like the brown and gold combination that the classic flap comes in. I currently have a black caviar classic flap with silver HW, white caviar classic flap with silver HW, and a gold reissue, if that helps.

    Help!!! What do you ladies think?? :confused1:

    TIA!!! :flowers: ;)
  2. Do you wear more gold or silver or mix & match your jewelry? Seems like most of your current collection has silver h/w. For me, I also want a brown classic flap but only with gold h/w as I don't wear silver that often. Good luck!
  3. I like the brown classic flap, but i think the mademoiselle flap (esp. with the silver HW) is more modern.
  4. sharbear508, i think you know which bag i'm going to vote for......
    brown mademoiselle flap!!! :lol: i love the chain straps, the vertical "quilting" and i think it'd be a bit different to your classic flaps/reissues :tup:
  5. I saw a brown mademoiselle on eBay for a great price. I was tempted myself, but for me I think I like the classic style better. However, when I saw the mademoiselle in the store a while back I remember thinking it was very pretty. Either one are beautiful. Go for the one on eBay so I won't be tempted!
  6. Ladies, thanks for your opinions!! I got my answer...I asked my sister and she picked the classic flap right away. I adore both styles, but can't afford both, so I'll go with my sister's pick - which is pretty much what you ladies were saying too. Thanks!!

    nightshade - I'll have to just admire yours from afar!! ;)

    imgg - I saw that mademoiselle flap on ebay as well and it's a great price! You should definitely go for it!!!
  7. Post pictures please - when you get your new baby...can't wait to see it...:smile: