Brown/Chocolate Nail Polish

  1. I'm looking for a good chocolate nail polish. I have Chanels vamp and black satin which are great, but I am having a hard time finding a good chocolate nail polish color without any hints of reds. Any suggestions?
  2. how about sally hansen? they got nice colors.

    last night i picked up a light bronze color - very lovely on my nails. :upsidedown:
  3. Holy moly! I was just coming into this section to post on this very topic. :smile: I just bought Revlon in Totally Toffee. It is a warm brown. Black is just too much for me, but I am loving the brown. Shop Etc. also suggests Orly in Act your Shoe Size, Nailtini in Brandy, China Glaze in Chocodisiac, Essie in Sassy Satchel, and OPI in Who Comes up with These Names? Indeed! The OPI is a lighter brown. I really like the China Glaze -- it is close to the Revlon I bought. Trust me, I had to scour Target and CVS before finding something close to what I wanted. Most are too burgundy.
  4. I think Essie's Lady Godiva is brown.
  5. totally agree with minnie!! lady godiva is PERFECT as a dark chocolate color!!
  6. Hard time u say? SHOP magazine has a whole article on brown nail polishes! With names and brands highlighted.