Brown Caviar GST or Brown Modern Chain n/s ? Which would you pick?

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  1. I’d like to thank those for there input on my white caviar thread and am going to go with a white caviar jumbo.
    So my next decision comes down to Brown Caviar GST or Brown Modern Chain n/s?

    I already own a Black 2006 modern Chain, but really love the new glazed calfskin.
    So I need to decide if for 800.00 more I want the modern chain or for 800.00 less go for the GST before the price increase.

    Any and all your thoughts are welcome and appreciated!!!
    Thank you!:smile::smile:
  2. I think the brown modern chain is gorgeous and classic and you can't go wrong....
  3. since you already have the mc, I vote for the GST.
  4. i vote for the GST cause i love the gst and its cheaper
  5. Well I would be saving $800.00.
    But the modern chain I have now doesn't have the crisp new chain and glazed leather of the new one ....
  6. I vote for MC. The lining is silver leather. The hardware is ruthenium. The chain looks better on black than on brown. The bag looks young and chic. Much better than GST. Worth 800 more.
  7. Katie - I agree it looks great on the black, but I already have a black modern chain so that is why I'm considering the brown :smile:
    Do you think the brown is worth $800.00 more?
  8. i just received my gst in brown.. it's an absolutely gorgeous color!!!! :p
  9. Congrats - Jeshika!

    I've seen it in person and it is gorgeous!
    That's why I feel so tormented trying to decide between the two :borg1:
  10. If I were you, I'll sell the old MC then buy the new black MC and brown or bordeaux GST. Then I'll have both bags with nice color.

    I tried the brown but it's too dark. Somehow, I see the chain looks shinier on black. If you live around SCP boutique, come there to try. They have both colors.
  11. Is SCP - South Coast plaza?

    Good suggestion - maybe I should sell the one I have and purchase a new black one.
  12. gst girl, you already have the mc!
  13. Yeah, it's South Coast plaza.

    These bags cost a lot so every bag you have should be exactly how you like it to be. I love ruthenium and leather lining. I am so glad they have this combination. Few hundreds dollars still worth to spend. ;)
  14. Gst!
  15. Thanks - Katie!

    I visit Los Angeles often and would love to make a trip to SCP!
    The s/a's at the Rodeo store have been nice to me, but I've actually witness them being rude to customers there.
    I've felt uncomfortable asking questions at times becuase of their attitudes :O

    Can I ask you - what is ruthenium?