Brown box kelly with Cyclamen trimming and inside lining

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  1. Hi

    I have been offered a brown box kelly with contrasting cyclamen trimming and inside lining. Its a 25 cm though with phw. Do you think I should get it? Its about US$4500. Not sure if I need another kelly to be honest..but its such a gorgeous combo...sigh

    Yay or Nay....
  2. It sounds gorgeous!!!

    I can't tell you what to do but for myself, I'm trying to only buy the bags I absolutely fall in love with - and just admire the rest...
  3. Beautiful combination but the size would be a deal breaker for me personally. It's a bit small for me to be useful.
  4. Sounds absolutely incredible! But YOU have to love it! And only buy it if you will actually get some wear out of it!!!
  5. It sounds pretty! Price is good as well! Last bicolor 25cm Kelly I saw at Hermes was $5050 pretax:shrugs: !
  6. It's the combination that I love for a birkin .... I won't get it in a Kelly. And yes it's too small for me too.
  7. Oh, boy.......the deal breaker for me would be the size otherwise she sounds like a real beauty!!!!! I'm with Ms. Twilly here.....only trying to buy what I will really difficult though!!!
  8. I agree with size issue...I would pass...
  9. I love this combo, but I'm not sure of the size. Can you try it on?
  10. I agree.
  11. I love the combo...HermesBB has that combo if I am not mistaken...Gorgeous!

    But, IMO a 25 is just too have to see it first.
  12. bad...hers is fuchsia, but gorgeous! This will give you an idea...I love to showcase this bag! [​IMG]
  13. i LOVE the color combo!!!

    kellybag: i think it is cyclamen and not fuschia. hermesBB????
  14. Sounds perfect to me! :smile:
  15. PBC...just went to search HermesBB's post and she said it was fuchsia. Hopefully, she will confirm.