brown/blue dot or red purseket in speedy 25??

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  1. I have a speedy 25 on the way and I want to get a purseket for it but I can't decide between the red or the brown one with blue dots.

    So tell me which one you think would be cutest??:flowers:
  2. I think the brown and blue look great together. I've always loved that color combo. I got the red for my damier speedy, but either one would look good in your mono. You can do just about any color in the mono. Be sure to post pics after you get it!
  3. The brown/blue one is on ebay. The seller says it is a purseket, but it could be another brand.

    here is the link
  4. I thought it was brown/white?
  5. It does say blue though! wow, I like that one!
  6. the red will make it brighter in your bag.

    If you want it to blend then go for the brown.
  7. i love the blue-brown combination, thinking to get 1 myself..

    i contacted that seller many times but she never replied :sad:
  8. Oh I would love to get one too! Which size (how many pockets) for a mono speedy 25/30? =)
  9. Oh that makes me sad too. I need to find out if she ships to Canada.
  10. Not a good sign :sad:
  11. RED!!
  12. i have the red, and it makes the bag look like it has the red Damier lining :P. it brightens it up somehow
  13. I liked the red also but the seller just replied and I bought the brown with blue spot one:yahoo:

    I have the midnight blue quilted Marc Jacobs zip clutch, so I thought the colour scheme would blend in more.
  14. Ooo, I wanna see pics of your brown and blue one whenever you get it!
  15. I'll definitely post pics:yes: