Brown Birkin for a Turkey?

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  1. Ok I need some serious help! It's Turkey Day and I'm up in arms about my new project.

    I fell in love with our dear member's bag...

    and I'm trying to dream up my own version of it in box leather...but i have a gold birkin already, so I'm not sure i want the front panel to be gold. but, i love the look of the vert olive against the chocolate and don't have anything in the brown family yet...what would you do with that front panel if you were me?

    and remember, it's in gleaming, glowing box leather :tup:
  2. Here is a bag I got the idea of box leather for my birkin from....but I don't like gold front and gold sides tooo....more confusion for me!
  3. But, on the kelly, in box leather the gold seems to blend in a gentler way with the vert olive....this is okay...but still i wonder if i could use something different than gold...

    or should i take out the vert olive and change it to a bag with three different colors of browns?

    ** do we know if that front panel on the kelly REALLY is gold? could it be something darker that i'm forgetting? help!
  4. up all night again, eh??? :P
  5. LOL, you only fell in love with one of her bags...I fell in love with her life...have fun dreaming and planning your bag!
  6. brique might work, or you could switch the sides to ebene and move the chocolate to the front.
  7. LOL i guess i want someone to tell me how to get cognac in there!!!!!

    Well, not up all night pondering the color combo...but maybe up all night doing something else!!!!!!!! :nuts::devil::lol:

    But yes my mind keeps coming back to this. I'm dying to figure out this combo to achieve a smooth, flowing coordinated look.
  8. i wish i had a photo of chocolate box i could compare to gold box.....
  9. I think switching out cognac for the gold just might work. Or what about tone on tone browns with the hit of green, like some combo of havanne, cafe and vert olive?
  10. ITA It is so beautiful!!
  11. Wait a minute...hold the phone...was your mind coming back to this while you were up all night doing "something else"????
  12. I think I would just go for vert olive body with brown handles and 'belt'. I love those two colors together.
  13. oh, no...definitely not. once mcsmooch puts the moves on, reality fades into black... :shame: swoonville! i keep waiting for this to "get old" and it just never does!!!! amazing!!
  14. DQ will kill me for going on about this...but look at the sides....are they truly gold? and then the front is something a little darker? maybe caramel or something else? this is what is digging at me.

    ilovemylife, how do you fill the different colors in your blank birkin diagram? i'm desperate to learn how to do that!
  15. Oh wow... ILML bag is stunning!!!

    Have fun dreaming up a color combination- I would love to do that someday!