Brown bags

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  1. I don't have any brown bags (unless you thiink of LV as brown) but my question is can you wear a rich brown bag with everything? I am seriously into coordination - I'm not sure a brown bag will look right to me with much of my wardrobe. I'm very into black and white. I really appreciate any feedback I can get on this.
  2. You know this past year I have been very heavily into brown. Depending on the shade that you pick I think that yes it can be worn with lots. Dark brown especially. But honestly i have a ton of brown bags and i wear them with everything. Of course if you are wearing a head-to-toe black outfit brown might not be the best choice but other than that I would think so.

    Its the color camel or tan that I find very hard to wear. Brown is easy :biggrin:
  3. I was the same shoes, belt and handbag all had to match. I was driving myself crazy, so I looked up "handbag" etiquette. I learned that shoes and belts should match, but a handbag does not. If you notice a lot of the celebrities don't match their bags either....and it looks fine, IMO.
  4. Brown can go with a lot of things! :biggrin: The brown chloe paddy is really nice.
  5. Im sorry, I dont think black and brown should ever mix unless a key piece is mixed with both to bring the outfit together like say a scarf or tweed blazer.
  6. i think a nice medium brown (say a cognac) is totally hot with black. i rock my new brown bag with a black t and jean skirt like constantly and get tons of compliments. it's a really fresh, modern look because we're so used to the never-mix-any-black-and-brown rule. done with the right shade of brown, it's awesome.
  7. i guess i would have to see it done right (i'm having a hard time visualizing it)...
  8. What about a brown spy?
  9. I did a little searching and I found this:

    I found it interesting where it says that where you carry your handbag accentuates that part of your body.

    Could be disasterous! LOL :embarasse
  10. bag size does matter, as anyone that has ever seen a very large girl carrying a very small pouchette on her shoulder can attest to - it's all about proportion, as with all clothing decisions.
  11. As terrible as it may sound.....and I don't mean to offend any big girls out there.....big girls cannot wear small bags but small girls can wear big bags.
    When you see a large woman with a tiny bag it dosent look right, but you take a small framed girl and give her a huge bag, like a Kooba Lucy for example , then it looks stylish and trendy.

    it is all about proportion, but more so if you are large framed.
  12. As I big girl, I totally agree with you Iluvbags. When I shop for shoulder bags especially, I rule out bags that have small handle drops, even if they say they are shoulder bags, they really aren't for me. I need a drop of 10 inches at least, preferably 12. It's frustrating sometimes, because one of the reasons I love bags is that I don't have to worry about fit as I do with clothes and shoes, but I've definitely learned the importance of the proper proportion.
  13. I am a small woman (5'4", 126 lbs) a too large bag makes me look like a midget - I think small women need proportionate bags or their whole look is thrown off.
  14. The Page about bags, and out- dated. Due to I just talked to a sales rep who said, bags that are bigger, like me 5'2 with a fendi, can be pulled off. And I have to carry so much...Essentials don't cut it now, I have to be prepared for it all.:lol: But to the post, a dark brown looks good with almost anything. Wearing primary colors, you can pull it off. And look great!!!
  15. Looking for one too ;). I'm looking for a brown bag coz it goes with most of the color. Brown is neutral. If you wear a lot of white and black, your brown bag will definitely stand out, and accentuate your outfit. Just a thought.