brown ali ?

  1. Does anyone have the brown ali? How does the bag hold up? I purchased the bag from the Coach warehouse and it seems a bit beat up - like an old jacke - and I guess that's the look of it. Does this bag scratch a lot - more so than the other colors? Also, does anyone have the blk signature ali? What do you think of that bag? Does it meet the expectations like the leather ones do? Thanks!!
  2. I have one and yes, it's very vintage-y. I got mine off of eBay and when it arrived I was shocked! (sorry previous mommy!) It looked so beat up I thought, OMG, what have I done!? So, I got out my Applegard leather conditioner out and conditioned her all up! Now she's smooth, shiney and smooshy. It does scratch easily so I'm careful with it and if I scratch it, I quickly rub it out. I have a white ali too which is totally different. One is vintage and one is classy. I use them for different purposes. The leather on my brown ali is scrumptious though after being conditioned.
  3. I agree.. the brown one is SUPPOSED to look like a bomber jacket, it is more vintage and different. I had one that I bought on eBay from a previous owner on here and it was squishy and scratched and preloved before I got it.. but I loved that about it. You have to be able to enjoy it and appreciate it for what it is.. if that isn't your style, than you probably won't like it! :smile:
  4. Yes! Here I am! Definately a beautiful vintage leather, it will patina more. There is variation in tone and texture. If the bag looks too scratched up for you, wipe it down with some conditioner, either Coach or Apple. It's a great bag, it has strength and endurance. You don't have to baby it, but, be nice anyways!

    You can't go wrong with a black signature Ali either, the look is more conservative.
  5. If you are afraid of the brown scratching, or dont like that older, vintage look, why dont you try the BLACK leather Ali!!!!!!! I do agree, the brown scratches like crazy, but that IS the look of it...remember our old bomber jackets?? The more scratches they had, the more we LOVED those jackets!!! Same idea for the brown Ali. But, if you dont like that look, go look at the black leather get the same, gorgeous legacy leather, and the black wont show scratches like the brown!!!! I'm the type of person who looks at scratches on my purse and wants to cry, so brown is NOT a good color choice for me for this leather! I prefer black much more! Good luck and ENJOY!!!!
  6. I think I'm going to try the bag on with an outfit today and see if it is for me! I absolutely have to be sure that I love it b/c I don't want to keep $500 bag that I sort of like and then won't use! Thanks!!