Brown Ali? This is killing me!!

  1. HI, I am fairly knew to tpf, and I need some advice. I have the Ali in Whiskey, but now that i've seen the brown I am thinking of switching. My whiskey is still in the bag, because I have a hard time wearing it with non-matching shoes or belts!! I know that seems old fashioned, (i get it from my mom!) but it seems that the Brown Ali would match up with more of my darker browns. Am I crazy?:weird:
  2. nope. I love the look of the brown ali.
  3. That's up to you. They are both nice bags, but if you're not using it, why not?
  4. I like the brown way better than whiskey! :yes:
  5. They are both gorgeous. You should get what ever you would use more often.
  6. I actually HATE the whiskey color. I prefer the brown.
  7. Hey Krispin, tell us how ya really feel!:lol:
  8. I love both colors but you gotta get what you love! I say return the whiskey and go for the brown.
  9. You're not crazy. I grew up in the heart of the south (Greenville,MS) and because that was drilled into me in etiquette school:lecture:, I have this "issue" about my shoes not matching my purse. :weird:

    I say get the brown Ali. That bag is TDF!:heart: I wish they made the Ali in Mahogany, like many of those from the classic line.
  10. The brown is at Macy's - I hear a friends and family discount calling you!
  11. I like them both but like the brown a bit better.
  12. What is the difference between the Whiskey, Brown and Natural??
    Sorry if that's a stupid question:p
  13. Ok, so I looked up the Brown Ali on Macy' and LOVED IT! However, I don't think my Macy's carries coach, or has the F & F discount. Sooo.. can I find this Ali somewhere else... this is the question!
  14. I like the brown better, too. If the whiskey is still in the bag and you don't think you're gonna use it, get the brown and love it. :smile:
  15. Return the Whiskey and get the Brown, sounds like you will regret it if you don't.