Brow highlighter?

  1. I didn't become seriously interested makeup till I turned 30. (Mid life crisis sort of thing...)
    I am recently obsessed with brow highlighters!!!! I love the metallic looking highlight right under the arch of eyebrows!!
    Forgive if I seem like a makeup amateur....what is the best brow highlighter on the market? Right now I am using a highlighter that came with a TOO Faced makeup kit, but it's very sheer, I want something a little more obvious...
    Any suggestions??
  2. I love Anastasia's highlighter. I tried benefit high brow which was ok. It is supposed to make your arches look fresh and done but it just looked a little too white on me. So if your fair to medium complextion, you may have better results with it.
  3. I am using a Chanel one at the minute but if you want less expensive Benefit do a great one. I also have some YSL & Dior powder ones
  4. I use Benefit's "High Beam," which adds just a touch of gleam without being too sparkly.

    You can also try using a pale pink or nude eyeshadow as a brow highlighter. Blend it with a darker shadow on your lid, and it'll look more natural.
  5. Have a sephora GC....will definitely check out the benefit...Thanks!
  6. i've been using clinique shimmering white eye shadow, and it does a great job! and sometimes i would use shiseido face colour, but still think the clinique one is better!
  7. Dior Skinflash is a multi tasker.. It conceals dark shadows, adds on sheen to cheekbones, forehead and can be used as a brow highlighter as well..
  8. I use one of Mac Creme Base multiuse things. It's a metallic peach colour and you can build it up to achieve the density you want. It's called Hush I think :smile:
  9. Thanks for the info......I'd def. like to try the Dior also!!
  10. I have NARS multiple which is great sweeped under the arch. I also use Benefit high beam and high brow which is quite good. I want to try some others though to see if they are better!
  11. I use a white dior eyeshadow with golden shimmer in it. :flowers:

  12. I use this too. I really like it.
  13. lol, 30 is hardly midlife!

    anyway, I also add my vote to Dior skinflash, and Benefit High Beam, Moon Beam would probably work well too
  14. benefit high beam
  15. I use a Smash Box eyeshadow called Butter as a highlighter. It really opens up the eyes.