Brought home a new baby!!

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  1. I just got home yesterday from a trip that turned out to be more of an adventure then I had planned.

    Anyway, we started the trip in Fort Lauderdale Fl., where I met a very lovely PF'er and got from her this brand new beautiful chocolate 32cm Togo Kelly that I'm completely in love with :love: She is the most gorgeous thing I've ever owned and I can hardly stop looking at her :shame:

    After the meeting me and hubby made a short trip to Hermes Bal Harbour where I picked out a couple of bracelets to match my new Kelly. I just about had a heart attack over the selection of bracelets there :nuts: I've never seen anything like it in Europe.

    From Florida we were supposed to go on a cruise and we did for a few days but after 6 days of feeling dizzy and seasick we jumped ship in Panama and went to Las Vegas.

    There I made an even shorter trip to the Bellagio store, but managed to get one more bracelet, and then spent the rest of the trip showing Kelly off at the black jack and poker tables :p

    The second pic is a family pic, my old Massai and the Jige and Evelyne I got in January.
    Kelly.jpg Family.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats icechick!!!
  3. Congratulations!! Sounds like a wonderful trip, and your new Kelly is TDF!
  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You will LOVE that chocolate Togo Kelly! It's a bag that you'll find yourself reaching for almost every day!!!!!

  5. icechick, what a lovely family portrait...your Kelly is perfect!

    I agree! Bal Harbour has a fabulous selection of emamel bracelets.
  6. Gorgeous Kelly, icechick! Hey, can we see pix of your new bracelets, too? Pretty please?
  7. what a lovely kelly! what a wonderful trip~~
    she's a beauty~and nice to hear you had a nice time ^ ^
  8. Gorgeous bag, it will be a remembrance of a wonderful trip!
  9. very nice...I think I'm ready for a kelly next!!!
  10. Congrats! It's a real beauty! It sounds like you had a fabulous trip!
  11. Thanks girls, you are all so sweet :shame:

    I just posted a pic of all my bracelets in another thread but I love to show them of :p I got the 2 patterned yellows in Bal Harbour and the green in Las Vegas.
  12. I absolutely love your H family. All the colors are so me. WOW. Beautiful
  13. your chocolate is beautiful. That is the color I am looking for and I'm so glad to see yours. your bracelets collection is also gorgeous. well done!
  14. What a beautiful Kelly!! congrats!! I :heart: the color!!
  15. congratulations, she's a beauty!!