Brought Back Some Stuff And Got Some More!!

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  1. I decided that there were a couple of things that I got for my B-day that I was not crazy about. I really didn't feel badly since my hubby didn't pick them out and he just ordered what was on my list. So I returned these:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The first one would be a keeper if it was smaller. I collect coin purses so I really couldn't call it one, being it is so large.

    In the other pic, I returned the Clutch. It was really too big to put in my tote and I wouldn't carry it separately.
  2. So...I got these instead!!:heart: Now I have a bag to match my Dragonfly Optic wristlet!!:P
    DSC01834 001.JPG DSC01835 002.JPG DSC01836 003.JPG
  3. And...when my SA showed me this I said "I MUST have this!!!":love: It's so cute with the Tattersol lining. And I also love that it has the zipper closure! So all in all, a day that started depressed go a little happier!
    DSC01840 007.JPG DSC01841 008.JPG DSC01843 010.JPG DSC01845 012.JPG
  4. I love your new bag!! I have the dragonfly wristlet too and that matches perfect. My husband wanted me to get that bag but I didn't want one so light colored. I wish the Khaki optic Carly had brown straps instead of white and I'd get that!!
  5. OMG You're kidding!! My husband wanted me to get this Carly too!! I love the straps and the silver hardware!!
  6. ooo.... you got some PURTTY things! I love your optic carly... you should do some modeling pics for us!! :yes:
  7. I love your optic carly, very pretty!
  8. I really do love this color combo too but I am already so paranoid about my soho multi print hobo that is pink and really light. I think I am gonna go for the Metallic Carly!!
  9. Oh...I will do some modeling pics later. I am waiting for our Veterinarian(?) to come to our house.
  10. o... do you have pets? i hope they are ok! :sad:
  11. congrats, glad you love them! :tup:
  12. Love your new stuf!!! Congrats
  13. That optic Carly is so beautiful!
  14. Thank you everone for your sweet comments!!

    CoachGirl12 : I have 3 kitty's! Heathcliff who is 2, Bunny is 3 and Tigger is almost 19! I needed to have them vaccinated since I am thinking about adopting a rescue kitty. Bunny and Heathcliff are rescues as well!!!:love:
  15. aww, thats so cute admat! I love their names! you'll have to post pics of your new kitty if you decide on it... :love: