Brought any BV... want to share with u

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  1. [​IMG]

    can't stop buying BV...

    want to share with you, my x'mas gift for myself...
  2. Cool bracelet, BabyShingo and ITA the BV bug hits hard!
  3. Very pretty!! What color is that? My monitor sometimes doesn't show the true color--it looks like a strong pink, but could it be red/Carmino?
  4. Very pretty, babyshingo! Something tells me that I'm probably lucky there's such a poor selection of BV here in Toronto - or I'd be broke!
  5. that's pretty!
    i just recently bought a previously loved BV bracelet too....
    enjoy your new item!
  6. ^Hey dumdumsun - is that a beagle I see in your avatar?!?

    Lovely bracelet - is it carmino? I just bought a carmino Montaigne and was happy to read today here that carmino is being carried over to the next season!

    And I agree with mistikat - we are lucky the BV selection is so unexciting here in Canada or we would be in deep(er) in trouble. (And just why is the BV situation so bad here? I see an opportunity...)

    Sorry I can't bold people's names - I'm travelling and getting my tPF fix on my BlackBerry (no mean feat).
  7. GORGEOUS bracelet, babyshingo!! And in Carmino no less! I saw this same bracelet in Peltro, which I'm still planning on how to steal from a SA! :P I'm sure this bracelet will make you happy for many years to come!!

    Oh wow. That def impresses me. I get a headache just trying to browse tPF on the bf's BlackBerry, and always give up after a while :shame:
  8. you are definitely hooked babyshingo...just like the rest of us ;)

    nice bracelet...carmino is such a pop colour, amazing how it livens up everything!

    good choice! :tup:
  9. I am not sure what the colour it's call.

    it's red, more to the orange side
  10. it's very pretty. i am seriously considering buying the woven bracelet myself too.