brought a coach on ebay and not sure it is real

  1. I brought a small hobo in white daughter says it isnt real because it has two different colored threads and their is a small tassel hanging on it.. Ebayer said it was authentic. the lining is a plain brown. I have a small black hobo i brought at the outlet which has a silky lining with the c all over it . Do you think the one I got on eBay is a fake?
  2. Hello! If you post this in the Authenticate This! section on this board, you will probably get better responses...also post a link to the auction - pictures will help. :p
  3. I just bought a hobo from the outlet that has 2 different color threads and a tassle and it is real
  4. impossible to say without a picture..
  5. The two different threads is not an indicator. I have a wallet I purchased at a Coach Boutique and side by side, one thread is white and one is navy.