Brothers and Sisters!!!

  1. Has anyone seen a preview for a new show called Brothers and Sisters?
    Yahoo! TV Fall 2006 Preview
    It looks AMAZING!!! The cast is FENOMENAL!!!:nuts: Series premiere is Sept. 24! I can't wait!!!:yahoo:
  2. i set my DVR, it looks great!
  3. Looking forward to it!
  4. I love this show!!! I especially love the cast!

    OMG, last Sunday's episode was too good! Sally Field is such a great actress
  5. I have it TiVoed!!! Haven't seen it yet!!!:nuts:
  6. i don't love it as much as i thought i would. it's ok, but not a must see for me
  7. You have to watch it! I'll give you one hint "mistress"

  8. Im gonna download it now!!
  9. I like this show...more than I thought I would have.
  10. pinkish_love - pls. let us know what ya think!

    LauraLee - it may just be some boring family drama to some people, but for me its something I can totally relate to.
  11. It is such a great show....I totally can't miss it. There are a lot of good new shows this season....usually I can't find 2 I like, this year, there's like 8!!
  12. This is my new favorite show! I couldn't stand Calista Flockhart in Ally Mc Beal but she is tolerable in this show, it's really a great cast since I love Rachael Griffiths and Sally Field. Calista's character carries a Goyard tote around too.
  13. Denim - I totally agree! I can't keep up! There are sooo many good shows this season. I also love Vanished!!!

    elle-mo, I agree about Calista! Her character in this show is much better. And I seen the Goyard St. Louis PM tote too

  14. I just watched the 3 available episodes and i love the show!!! Its so rich and different being about big family :love:

    When does it air though?
  15. Isn't it great?

    It airs on Sunday nights on ABC right after Desperate Housewives

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