brothers and sisters..........

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  1. and takers? my must see show every sunday night! anyone else crying like the babies at the end when she had to give the kids to *sshole joe?
    it was so heartbreaking.
  2. I really like this show!! I didn't see the first half of the first season, so I'll need to catch up, but I've been watching it ever since and I really like it! I love the chemistry between Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe's characters! And yes, it was very sad that Sarah (?) had to give up her kids.

    I also loved last season's final episode when the whole family jumped in the pool!! Rob Lowe's family was even crazier then Calista's family at the engagement party! It was a fun episode.
  3. I love this show! I watched the very first few episodes and then I kinda forgot about it until this season started. This show is great. And yes, I was balling when she had to give her kids to their dad. And her mom was there, where a mom is supposed to be...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.