brother is lookind for laptop

  1. he wants one that has a dvd burner and acd burner
    and has a long battery
    good performance
    he had an everex step notebook va43oom but it was no good
    it kept hilighting things for no reason
    closing messenger boxes for no reason
    and couldnt even type right
    so he needs one that actually works right
    and can burn dvd and cd and has a long battery and if he could get a deal on it
    any recommends
    ty in advance
  2. Dell outlet online. Dell makes a good laptop. Refurbished PCs have to be tested before sale so they are not only guaranteed but tested and the prices are better. I know this from experience and sometimes they are just "open box" and have never malfunctioned. Make sure it has a warranty you are comfortable with. Refurbished is a best-kept secret. Compare price first to same PC new of course.

    Search Google "dell outlet codes" to see if there are any current $ off codes. Check that often has leads on deals in the forums.

    With those erratic problems he is having it sounds like he had a virus/spyware in current laptop. He might want to have it looked at /cleaned. Get Trend Micro for antivirus on new PC. I'm now using a Mac:heart: but we still have PCs and ...a Dell laptop. Good luck. Hope you fund this answer because this thread is in the wrong place..;)
  3. Is he a student? or are you? check your bookstore for deals. I now that my campus offers discounts on Mac, PC (Dell), and software for students and faculty. I've been able to purchase things like MS Office Pro for less than $75. My spouse got a high performance Dell Desktop for about $1200 including a 19" monitor.
  4. A good resource for learning more about the various brands of laptops is -- there's a good forum there.

    As for the odd behavior of the laptop, I'd recommend getting anti-virus software as soon as possible. Getting a new machine won't necessarily solve all his technical issues if it gets infected again -- especially if some existing files will be moved over from the old one. Try these free products before getting the new laptop: