brookyn 2.0 pics

  1. ok, so here is the new brooklyn bag after i returned the monster brooklyn bag.
  2. here are the two bags for comparision.
    0806071414.jpg 0821071059.jpg
  3. Cute bag!
  4. I just got this one too!! Love it!!!
  5. wow..I actually think thats really cute..Can u do a modelin pic so I can see how big it is IRL?
  6. here is a modeling pic
  7. here is the old bklyn bag i returned that was tooooooo big.
  8. fun bag!
  9. I love this new bag! :yes:
  10. I like this one better! Must look great slouched up ... congrats!
  11. I really like the new bag. I love the patchwork and I am not usually a patchwork pattern kind of grrl. Enjoy!
  12. Congrats the old bag is definately massive, kind of like the old coco cabas, I like your new size better.
  13. I played with those at Bergdorfs and they were a lot of fun...looks like you made the right choice.
  14. i definitely liek the smaller one the n/s shape fits the bag. and it looks great on you. congratulations on a gorgeous bag !
  15. congrats! Nice bag.