Brookyln Covers Mom's Mug

  1. :tender: :P :nuts:
    brooklyn-beckham-covering-mom-face.jpg brooklyn-beckham-covering-mom-face-01.jpg brooklyn-beckham-covering-mom-face-02.jpg brooklyn-beckham-covering-mom-face-03.jpg brooklyn-beckham-covering-mom-face-04.jpg
  2. How cute !!
  3. Who is that?
  4. did she have another plastic surgery?!
    her mouth looks scary in the 1st pic....

    he's so sweet:love:
  5. maybe he was trying to cover his mum's tits?? :roflmfao:
  6. aww, protecting his mommy, how cute!
  7. How cute of Brooklyn. I honestly think she´s only had a booblift done and nothing else.
  8. He is so cute!!!:love:
    sparkle67, it's Victoria Beckham with her son Brooklyn.:smile:
  9. Whoa! How much is that LV trunk the bodyguard is carrying?
  10. Cute (a little boy doing an adult thing), sweet (a little boy protecting his mom) and sad (a little boy used to being followed everywhere he goes) all at the same time.
  11. Brooklyn`s so adorable. He`s gotten so big!
  12. He's so cute!
  13. Vicky seems like a nice mom!. She is usually photographed with her kids. Brooklyn is so cute trying to cover her!.
  14. I can't beleive Brooklyn has grown that much either :wtf: . Time flies

    I can't imagine living like that though where you have to hide and even your child knows you want to hide from photographers.
  15. I completely agree. These are the same things I thought of!