Brooks Brothers for the socialite?

  1. I was really curious as to the reaction of the recent items that Brooks brothers are selling, a lot of which seem very upscale. Not to say that Brooks Brothers isn't upscale, because I love their classic men's items, but their womens items look like they're aiming at a day-to-night effect, not just conservative office apparel. Have a look:
    [​IMG]Cashmere sweater set: $98
    [​IMG]Leather coat: $698
    [​IMG]Alligator bag: $4500
    [​IMG]Mink wrap: $1298
  2. I think the bread and butter of Brooks Brothers for women is still their work appropriate clothes. But I do like the alligator purse.
  3. It still looks pretty conservative to me (ie not very "nighttimeish"). The prices are not bad, given the materials....
  4. Perhaps "day-to-evening" wasn't the best term. And I agree, the prices are deffinatly appropriate, but it just seems surprising. My dad has been wearing Brooks Brothers polos since the 60's and I've been in boys suits from there since I was big enough to wear one.
  5. I remember like last year or so they had a beaver wrap. So they have been incorporating evening pieces for a little while now.
  6. I thought it was fox? Well, anyhow, I remember that too. I saw it in Vogue (albeit an ad)! It made me smile so much. But that was all that I remeber as far as a very upscale piece last year. The only handbags that they had (that I can recall) were their monogram (which, for the better I think, is gone now).
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