Brooks Brothers F&F 25% (4/27-5/1)

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  1. =====
    (credit goes to sdavis at

    Brooks Brothers Friends & Family 25% off!

    Directly from the card:
    " This special shopping offer is available at all retail and factory stores, and/or airport locations in the U.S., catalog or online at To place a catalog order, please call 800.274.1815 and mention discount code friend14. To shop online, enter code friend14 at checkout. To redeem in stores present this card at time of purchase. "

    although you guys dont have the card you can shop online or call in orders. The clothes are expensive with shirts starting at $65 and pants at 70, but the quality of the clothes is great.

    the deal runs from 4/27/06 until 5/1/06

  2. Thank you! BF's birthday is coming up...this is perfect! Are you a fellow SD'er?? :amuse:
  3. Not really, I would browse every now & then; my nephew introduced me to SD & Fatwallet. Both can be quite addictive -- ppl usually end up buying more stuffs (for less though) than they intend....
  4. GIves me reason to check out some things...thank you!
  5. haha, so true. I just bought a computer yesterday because "it was a good deal" :Push:
  6. oh my gosh thank you! my bf loves this place
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