Brooklyns and 14043 and 7466 and prototypes, oh my!

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  1. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this one. I've recently developed a thing for the Brooklyn bag. I've found it on eBay with style numbers 14043 and 7466. The 14043 has a Tattersall lining, is from 2009 and has turnlocks on the 2 front pockets. The 7466 has a signature lining, is from 2006 and has buckles on the 2 front pockets. I've also just found a bag listed as being a "prototype" with a Legacy stripe lining, buckles on the pockets and J D C on the creed.

    That to me seems like a lot of variations for one bag. Is there cause for concern? I definitely prefer the buckles to the turnlocks. Does anyone have any further info on these bags? Were any of these MFF? Here's a link for the prototype.
  2. 7466 was made for the boutique in 2006. The white ones tend to yellow over time. It also came in black and mahogany. The bag is a bit soft so if you do not like a floppy bag you may not like this one. You can use a handbag insert if you wish. The hardware is heavy but leather is lightweight.

    The 14043 was Made for Factory. I cannot comment on it since I have not owned/used one.
  3. We usually recommend against buying prototypes or sample bags because there is no way to prove they are authentic.

    They are two different styles. I think the one with the tattersall lining was made for factory. If you see an F in the style number, you'll know it was made for factory. We've seen some fakes of these, so when you find one, be sure to get it authenticated.