Brooklyn Bag Sooo Hot

  1. So I walk in the Chanel store kindly greeted by the sa's. Everywhere around me there were stunning bags,shoes and wallets. It was soo much to take in and finally I saw it...The bag I know that I had to have. The Brooklyn bag. Why it was the most hottest bag in that store. HoT off the Runway of course! I loved the detailing of the patchwork from patent leather to lambskin. and in the middle the cc that we all love! My Question to the veiwers is. what do you think about the brooklyn bag! I love it cause it's diff! IS it way to hot and trendy! Or a classic thats going to be loved from years to come!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Thats a hot bag, and yes a classic. The coco cabas is now a classic, imo.
  3. Hi fashiondiva I've tried on this bag and it's really big(I'm 5.9" btw) I like this version better than the other 3, and of course I think it's really hot with all the patchwork..
    What stopped me though was that it is very structured for such a size ,I mean maybe not so comfortable ,I'm not buying it but I still love it!:smile:
  4. Which style of the Brooklyn ligne did you get? I love the tote.
  5. Oops, I just noticed your avatar! Brooklyn rocks...great choice :woohoo:
  6. I think I liked it better in the pictures than in real life. It looks a bit trendy to me and I wonder how recognizalbe it is as Chanel.

    Also it is way expensive....
  7. i tried the N/S version of your bag at the boutique today. it's HOT. and yes it's big but i think it's quite chic. a little trendy perhaps but the shape is basic enough to outlast trends IMO. can't wait to get it here!!