Brooklyn Bag cabas version

  1. has anyone seen this bag yet in stores? I am waiting for my NM to get theirs in and I am getting anxious!! I have yet to see it in person and wonder if I will love it. Anyone see it yet?
  2. I've seen a flap version but i don't like it too much after seeing IRL. may be the cabas version is better.
  3. I saw it at a Chanel boutique but I am not a fan. Prefer the original cabas. This one looks similar to it but with the patchwork and twice the $$$.
  4. How does the cabas version look like? How much is it? Thanks.
  5. i saw this bag at south coast plaza in california yesterday. it was flat and unstuffed in the display case and seemed like a really skinny bag. i don't think it would look as good as the baby cabas once you get all your stuff in it. i wasn't very impressed by it, i think the baby cabas is cuter.
  6. m_ichele. that was the big 2,995 version? its not getting such great reviews....
  7. I saw it at SCP yesterday. Baby cabas looks much better.
  8. There's one at the Chanel Boutique in SF.
  9. you know... i don't remember the price. :confused1:

    i can see why it's not getting great reviews, esp. in comparison to the baby cabas. the chain handle of the bag is cute, but that's probably the only good thing i can say about it.