Brooklyn 2.0

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  1. maybe I have lost my mind, but after playing with my overly large brooklyn bag, (which I swore I loved forever) I exchanged it for the smaller one. Am I insane? The funny thing is, the smaller version, is more north/south and yet is still ENORMOUS.
    Did I do the right thing?
  2. Do you like the smaller one better? If so then I'd say you did the right thing. As long as you're happier with your new bag. :smile:
  3. Pics?
  4. pics are coming.....its 7am and I am in my gym clothes before work. I will do it later! :tup:the truth is, its still pretty big! the other bag was bigger than the extra large denim cabas.
  5. Yeah I want to see pics!!!!
  6. That's huge! I'm sure you did the right thing. :yes:
  7. yeah, I think going smaller was a good choice.
  8. Smaller seems better for u.
  9. I love the north south brooklyn bag is seem more chick to me. The east west longer version, gives the bag more of a casual look. so what are you going for more dressy or casual?