Brooke's family.... and new baby!

  1. Don't they look awesome?! Congrats to them!

    She seems like a wonderful mommy!
    brooke and kids.jpg brooke.jpg
  2. Yeah, Can't see those.
  3. Gorgeous family!
  4. Wow her older daughter is gorgeous
  5. Her daughters are so cute!
  6. She looks amazing for having just had a baby! what beautiful family!:amuse:
  7. Great looking family :love:
  8. A beautiful family, thats for sure.
  9. Awwww love her daughter's haircolor! They are cuties!
  10. What did she name her new baby? Very cute!
  12. She named her new baby Grier, but yes daughter very cute the whole family is cute.
  13. so cute. she looks striking.
  14. Beautiful family indeed!
  15. I love the color of the little girl's eyes and the baby is beautiful. Of course Brooke is still beautiful, too.