Brooke Swingpack

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  1. #1 Feb 23, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2010
    Does anyone know how much one can fit into a Brooke Op Art Swingpack (#43107)? I'd need to carry

    small 4 x 3.5 wallet
    camera 4.5 x 3
    and cell phone.

    This swingpack looks like one of the largest I can find???
  2. I have one and I'm pretty sure all of that stuff would fit in it. How big is your camera?

    brooke op art crsbdy.jpg
  3. you should probably be fine to fit that all in there. i took my brooke swingpack to spain to use as a small day bag and i fit my wallet (which is a bit larger than yours, it's the penelope compact clutch), phone, and camera, plus city maps and lip gloss and stuff. it's a pretty great little bag!
  4. OOH, I love yours! That's a nice color! I was thinking black, but gee, I think the purpley (is that a word??) color would go with just about anything too.
    My camera is very small...I carry all this stuff in my Soho Small Flap bags, and it's fine...
  5. It sounds perfect! I tend to like smaller bags, just not too small to fit all my "necessities". Most swingpacks look too small, but the Brooke seems bigger.
  6. I have one too and think it will hold of your stuff.:tup:
  7. YAY! Maybe my search is over....I mean I still have to actually find one, but at least I know what I want :smile:
  8. This one is cool too! Is it as big as the one I'm looking for? The only thing about it is the non-leather strap. I'm not sure how that would hold up. But I do like that front outside pocket. Hmmm:thinking:
  9. Yah..looks a tiny bit bigger to me as I have seen both and own the one with the front pocket! Yes the strap could get dirty if you use it a lot, the black ones usually have a black strap so that could help too!
  10. I measure 9 x 8 x 2" for the front pocket one and the Brooke one looks to measure the same according to listings on eBay, just dosen't have the front pocket, guess I love that pocket on the front for my phone!! :smile:
  11. You're right, the black strap wouldn't get that much wear. I do have a black leather strap on my sig stripe convertible bag that could be used on the right swingpack - maybe - well, now I have choices other than color! You're making this harder, lol!
  12. sorry!! I always like to know ALL my options before deciding!!
  13. i have the regular sized brooke bag in the purple op art sateen and it DOES go with just about everything. then again, i am a huge fan of purple so maybe that's just me lol
  14. Most of my bags are black or tan, very neutral. Maybe it's about time to break away, take a breath, and go purple!!!!!!!:yahoo: