Brooke Shields Laying Down Serious Cash In Hermes

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  1. ^^Looks like a 32cm Black box Kelly retourne with Palladium hardware! Beautiful bag!!!! and it looks like her and her hubby bought some Ready-to-wear also.

    Thanks for sharing, Prada'smeadow!

    P.S. If any of you read the comments listed below the video, a person posted that Hermes bags are made in Italy. That person obviously does not know what they are talking about :rolleyes:

  2. Your welcome, yeah I read the comments too !! :P
  3. I love Brooke Shields--she can buy whatever bag she wants wherever. I've never been in Hermes before--it looked like all the men were in suits and ties!
  4. me either....but i'd love to some day:yes:
  5. nice bag! lucky girl and she is pretty!
  6. Good for her! And in Italy they are using the Euro now not the Lira!
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