Brooke questions

  1. Does anyone have a Brooke please? If so, are you happy you bought it?

    And, does anyone know if a vanilla or cream Brooke is available this season?

    Thanks girls! :p
  2. I saw a vanilla Brooke in Fenwicks, Brent Cross, NWLondon the other day. It was around £210. The vanilla colour was from the SS07 range.

    The Brooke is a wee bit small for me. I think someone on here has a black one but can't remember who.

    Try the outlets, though. 30% off, a year down the line, seems a bit stingy :yes:
  3. I have the black one and don't use it very much. It's a pretty bag, but the chain gets so blasted hot.
  4. Ouch, I never thought about the chain getting hot!

    I'm going to Cheshire Oaks this weekend so if I'm really lucky I'll be able to pick one up there, otherwise I'll give Brent Cross Fenwicks a call - cheers for that Dita :smile:
  5. I was planning to get one in black as a small everyday bag, but found the chain a bit heavy - and I was told that it might get hot. I ended up getting the somerset shoulderbag instead, it's basically the same size. But I still love the look of the Brooke and might get it in the future if I find it on sale.