Brooke Pain

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  1. I have a couple of Brookes and I really love them, however, i notice if my bag gets just a little heavy it feels as if the straps are digging into my shoulders and it hurts! I don't carry alot, but if say we're out and I add my hubby's wallet + phone into my purse - that's all it takes to hurt! :weird:

    Does anyone else have this experience?
  2. I bought a large brooke , loved the style but it was too heavy for me and with my things in it sagged too much so I sold it. :sad:
  3. Certain types of straps and bag designs give me that pain, so I've learned to stay away from that construction.
  4. I have this problem too. I don't have a brooke but some of my larger bags do that to me which is why I just bought a julia. Sometimes I need a break. I have been attracted to cross body bags a lot lately because of this. And totes.
  5. I've experienced that. Noticed that it's a lot easier to bear when you're wearing it with a jacket (fall or winter)... bad call during summer.
  6. I have that problem a lot. Bigger bags just encourage me to carry more. So that's why I've moved towards wristlets, wallets and small bags. It makes sure that I don't carry too much.

    What are you going to do with your Brookes?
  7. I have the same problem.. Can only wear it when I am wearing my puffer coat or vest ...
  8. I know exactly what you're talking about.
    I was hunting down a leather Brooke for a month and when I finally got it, I was sooo in love with in - only to find that after a few SECONDS, my shoulders started to hurt like crazy while I was testing it out around the house. I was only carrying around my wallet and a pouch of small light things inside (i.e. hand lotion) for goodness sake! I'm going to return mine because the tags are still on.

    But maybe you should try with your winter jacket as well. It will make a beautiful winter bag :smile: What colours do you have?
  9. This is a curse of many Coach designs...and I guess other designers as well. I have problems with certain styles...Brooke would probably have been one of them so I never even looked at it. Also, the rolled straps don't work well on me which leaves out a lot of bags this fall!!! Ugh. I feel your pain!:tdown:
  10. It is because it has a thin strap-they should have made it with a thicker more sturdy strap
  11. ughhh i'm glad its not only me, i thought i was going nuts there for a while lol!

    i have 3 brookes - 2 op arts in gunmetal & brown and a leather in parchment

    i do notice that it is better with a jacket on esp if its a stiffer like a jean jacket. unfortunately i bought ALL of mine in the winter and used them all - i didn't figure out the shoulder pain thing till the jackets came off and now its too late to return. but its ok, i really do love the look, slouch, shape, size and colors lol, they'll just be my non-summer bags i guess. its a good thing i live in canada where we wear jackets 9 months out of the year lol
  12. Same here... I have the crackled gunmetal with chain strap and it's KILLING me! But I love it sooo.... So it will stay with me for now, I just don't carry it too often and definitely not for extended periods of time e.g. handbag shopping trips... lol
  13. Funny...I bought that bag at the outlet and LOVED it...sadly, I had to return it because of the strap. That one killed me to return. I had forgotten it was a Brooke!
  14. I hated the Brooke but for a different reason! I bet however that the strap would have gotten me too. I remember it being quite thin! I returned mine because I thought it was simply TOO tall and narrow. Had they made that bag just an inch or two wider it would have been one of my all time fav's! The eggplant that I ordered....YUM!!!
  15. Yep, plus when you set it down it flops over on top of itself, mine went back.