Brooke or Poppy Tote?

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  1. Which one would you pick and why? I want something for a good everyday bag and comfortable. I want to get the black color!
    14146_svbk_a0.jpg 13826_sbkbk_a0.jpg
  2. I like the hw and style of the Brooke better!
  3. IMO the op art Brooke is cuter, however I haven't seen that one in person. The tote I did see it and to my taste is way too big
  4. anyone have any modeling pictures of the Brooke or Glam Tote?
  5. reading other posts about the poppy tote makes me not want to get it because of the zipper issue!
  6. Definitely the Brooke.
  7. does anyone have the brooke here?? I can't seem to find any modeling pictures of it!!
  8. I just got a leather Brooke and I'm in love with it! I think it's wonderful. I love the way she feels when I'm wearing her.
    I'm not sure about the Poppy, I didn't consider getting any totes.
  9. did you get the large size?
  10. No, I got the smaller size.
  11. I voted Brooke....:smile:
  12. i saw a ebay pic of the sig black tote and the black pieces down the center had peeled off exposing a bright silver so i passed on it
  13. thank you :smile:

    do you find her being too heavy?
  14. ^^ not not really. She feels just like the garnet filled up... To me it actually feels not bad, I carry her around all day long with my and my babies stuff, and my shoulder dosen't get tiered. I've tried to switch to other bags, but i end up comming back to my brooke at the end of the day, bkz she really is more comfortable and fits everything so much better than any other bag i currently own...