Brooke leather

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  1. I was at the FP store last monday. Has anyone else noticed the change of leather on the newer Brooke. I have the old eggplant color wristlet, and it is a thick smooshy leather. Just an observation. Anyone else??
  2. What is the new leather like? I have two Brookes and love the leather on them.
  3. much more thin and not so smooshy to my feel. I wasn't impressed by it compared to the old leather, which I loved.
  4. What is the change BarbAga? I had just talked myself into returning a Brooke I bought a week or so ago at the outlet. I assume it's the "old" leather? Now I'm not so sure....
  5. The new brooke is made from regular cowhide while the old version was soft pebbled cowhide. The change in leather is big, but I haven't seen the new version to decide if I like it.
  6. Well, I'm glad you told me before I returned mine.
  7. The leather is the reason I liked the older Brooke. Anyway this was just a heads up that there is a change in the leather. I don't own the Brooke in the full leather in a bag, only the wristlet. I bought the Large Inlaid one when it came out.
  8. That is such a shame! I loooved the old leather, made they'll bring it back once they realize sales go down?
  9. that is sad! i have a leather brooke wristlet and crossbody and i was thinking about getting my sateen brooke a leather sister! now i'm not so sure about that idea :sad:
  10. No! I gave my Brooke to a friend and it's my biggest regret ever, I was going to replace it with PCE. No use if the leather has changed. :sad:
  11. is the mahogany the old or the new leather?
  12. The new brooke is going to be available in Camel, Melon, Black, and Parchment. It's staying roughly at the same size. I personally like smooth grain better because it is easier to keep clean than pebbled. You'll be able to use the leather cleaner/moisturizer on the new collection, unlike the old collection.
  13. I prefer smooth leather too!
  14. I have seen the new Brooke with the smooth leather, I liked it! Very soft I thought!
  15. I just bought the eggplant leather brooke today....I love the leather feel! It is very smushy and cushy! So soft!!!