Bronzer - worth it?

Feb 2, 2006
Hi there. I have pale skin with some slight redness on the cheeks and around the nostrils (rosacea, ugh). I usually even out my skin tone with some lightweight foundation and then use a subtle pinky-beige blush on the apples of my cheeks. But somehow that makes me look like a painted doll...not quite natural.

I hear that bronzer is a great way to give me more of a healthy glow, but I'm worried it'll make me orange like Paris. What do you think? Is bronzer a good way to make me look healthier and less ghostly, in a NATURAL way? I'd love to hear your application tips or product recommendations! Thanks!


Sep 24, 2006
I use NARS bronzer. You can get it at Sephoria, Its great, Not orange, and I love it!

i also use Nars bronzer in "Laguna"
i use the Nars bronzer brush (i dont know exactly what it is called). i get some product on the brush and apply to where the sun naturally hits my face (cheeks, forehead, and bridge of nose). The lady at the counter told me to apply it like a "3" starting at my forehead, then curving around my eyes to my cheeks, then around my mouth to my chin (in the shape of a 3) but i dont usually use it on my chin.

i think bronzer really gets rid of that pasty/pale look and actually looks natural!


Jun 18, 2007
I love bronzer-- I wear it almost everyday!

Just keep trying different products until you find one that doesn't look orange on you! Also, you might want a matte bronzer if you don't want to look like Paris (not only is she orange, she is SO shiny)!

I like Cargo Bronzer in medium, Benefit Hoola, and Benefit Dallas (a little more rosy than Hoola). All of these make me look like I've gotten a healthy tan, just like a bronzer should. I also like Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer, although it looks like more of a shimmery blush on me than a bronzer. It's a perfect mix of cocoa brown, pink and gold.

Another thing is that if your blush is making you look like a painted doll, it might be too pink or too dark. Have you tried a lighter, more peachy shade? Peach is pretty much a universally flattering color and it adds more of a healthy glow than a flushed look. I recommend something like Maybelline Dream Mousse in Peach Satin. It's a good one to try first, because it's cheap.


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Feb 5, 2006
Bronzer can definitely give you that natural glow you so desire. I'm a fan of anything Bobbi Brown. However it all depends what look you're going for. Why don't you go to a dept store and try a few out


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Oct 15, 2006
I don't really use bronzers. I've got a similar skin tone, only I might be a little more beigey. What I do is I apply a blusher with a slight shimmer to it, then maybe some highlighting powder. Try not to overdo it though!
Feb 2, 2006
Thanks everyone for your input! Looks like I'll need to get my butt over to a makeup counter. I'll look out for stuff by Nars and Bobbi Brown in particular, since they seem so popular.

Claire -- you are a wealth of information, I appreciate it!!


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Jul 28, 2007
Love Bronzer! I usually don't wear any make-up, but when I do, or I feel like I need a little 'glow,' I apply some. Sephora has a good selection, and for someone with fair skin, you probably don't need much - or else you will look like Paris. They even had a whole tower of their bronzer selection, and one of their makeup artists helped me pick one out. Cargo is one of their best-selling bronzer brands.

I have fair/medium skin depending on the season & I've used Urban Decay and now Cargo (both are a little sparkly) - love it. It's so natural, that my bf watched me apply makeup for a fancy night out, and he didn't even know I wore bronzer - he just thought I had a flush/glow, haha.

My tip (don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet): Go easy with the bronzer. Invest in a nice fluffy round kabuki brush to apply it (I love Tarte's short little portable brush). Personally, I like to lightly swirl the brush once round in the power, tap it once, and apply - starting with the apples of my cheeks, then forehead, then lightly on the jawbone, and all around to even it out. I study the effect in the mirror as I apply each area, to see if I want to more or less in an area. If you do it lightly enough, it shouldn't look unnatural, or make your face a different color than your neck (eek!)

Products I use:
Cargo Bronzer
Tarte Glam on the Go

Good luck & have fun finding your perfect shade!