Bronzer for Oily Skin?

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  1. My friend has really amazing perfect skin and uses powder bronzer and it really gives her this nice tan glow.

    My skin complexion has olive undertones and I have oily skin. She tried her makeup on my once and from far away it looked alright but up close I could see the oily pores from my nose (it's gross, I know), and other oily spots.

    Is there a good, easy bronzer out there for girls with oily skin? Thanks for any input!
  2. You definitely want a powder, not a cream, and a matte bronzer would look better than something with shimmer, which can make skin appear greasy. Have you tried Benefit Hoola or Dallas? They're both matte powders and they look natural.
  3. Oohh Thanks! What color would you suggest for more olive skin.
  4. I like the Body Shop's shimmer cubes- or pallets. They used to be a "cube" w/ four individual cubes and were in one container together, like little 1 x1 cubes. They still have those- it says for eyes, but I always used for eyes and face.

    I just looked and they've also got a shimmer pallet now. My skin is on the oily side and these work for me. Also, can use as eye color b/c it has multiple shades in one and is not just a bronze tone.

    For more olive skin, I think it may be worth a look for you.
  5. I think Benefit Dallas might look a little better-- it's more of a rosey brown. Hoola is just plain brown. There's also a Benefit palette that has a little bit each of Hoola, Dallas and Dandelion.

    My one sister has oily skin and my Cargo bronzer looks great on her, except in pics the "subtle" shimmer makes her face look like an oil slick. It's not actually oil though, it's from the bonzer. When I'm tan and I'm wearing glittery bronzer without foundation I can even look a little greasy and my skin's not oily at all...
  6. ^^ I have that palette, because I thought since I use all 3, it would be worth it to have them all in a little container.

    I won't buy it again, instead I'll just buy Hoola and Dandelion by itself. For my skin tone, which is a light olive, the Dallas looks ruddy...not pretty.

    The Nars bronzers are wonderful, I go from using the Nars Laguna to the Benefit Hoola.

    Sometimes I add some of the gold MAC pigment to my brush before the bronzer.... you should just get some samples and play around!!

    And I apply to my face using a "peace sign" diagram.... evens it out better :smile:
  7. I have very oily skin and own Dallas, I don't use it anymore....but when I did people use to think I got to much I was burned:hrmm:
  8. ^ Really?? I feel bad for recommending it now :shame:

    I'll use it for a FOTD sometime so you guys can see. It just gives me a sunny/ rosey glow...
  9. I have two recommendations. First Benefit's 10. It's supposed to be a highligher and a bronzer in the same little box. I like it because if I happen to get a little too much bronzer on my face one day, then I can use the highlight side to even it out a bit.

    I also love the Mineralized Skin Finishes by MAC. They have them in tons of different shades and there are a lot of different color combinations so that you can really find the one that works the best.
  10. I like using MAC's powder blushes in tenderling and trace gold. They're both brownish and neutral so they look like bronzers.
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    I see this is a thread that's a year old but I've got the exact same question. I got a bronzer from MAC but I'm afraid it will really make my skin show how oily it is.
    I read only a few reviews online about a Dior brand of bronzer and I went and looked at them today at Sephora but they looked far too light (its a mattifying one apparently, and its the one that only comes in the 2 shades)

    Maybe this is a trial and error kind of thing but maybe there's some more suggestions for those with oily skin! It's especially hard because I feel like with such oily skin, it makes the color appear darker than when it was first applied. In the -past- (and maybe it was something I was doing wrong, or maybe it wasn't) but MAC made my skin look more oily and I'm afraid I'll have that problem with their bronzer.

    Sometimes makeup (well, I mean concealers and bronzing powder!) gives me such a subtle change, or so I think, but when I find the perfect kind I can tell how bad the last kind was for me. I want to skip all that!
  12. I would also recommend a matte powder bronzer because shimmer like in mac's trace gold or other genius bronzers will make your pores appeare to be mmore visible. Benefit is a good idea or try bronze goddess by estee lauder, this comes in matte also.
  13. I have very oily skin and I use Bare Minerals foundation. It is the best I've found so far, for my skin anyway! I just get a shade or two darker than my foundation color and lightly buff it on for a bronzing effect. They have come out with a new matte finish as well, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm going to get my regular color of foundation in the matte the next time I need it, and use the existing darker one as the bronzer since it lasts me well over 2 years!