Bronze Vernis Question

  1. I have looked at a few that have been posted and was wondering...are they more on the brown side or the goldish side? Maybe it's my monitor or just me but some look like a reddish brown, others have a golden tone, I would like one but I want to be sure of the color. Thanks!!!!
  2. Ok, maybe if I put it this way...I have a dress I want to match a bag to... it has dark golden thread embroidery and I got a pair of gold patent strappy sandals so I am looking for something with a golden tint. From what I can tell, the Bronze is too dark but then again, some pics I've seen look a bit golden and I can't tell online and have never seen one that I can remember in person.
  3. you have to keep in mind that pictures never really show an article's true color.. there are so many opportunites for distortion.. perhaps go and see it IRL? I believe there was a thread started by Traci of how her Bronze bags were slighty different shades of Bronze? I don't have any Bronze bags, but I would love one too.. it's such a beautiful color!

    My Bronze vernis is different colors...Help?????
    Finally......The BRONZE FAMILY!!!!!!
  4. It's probably not very helpful, but they're like a milk chocolate brown with a shimmery overlay.
    From what you're describing though, it sounds like the Bronze would be a bit too dark for matching it to your dress.
  5. It's more bronzy/coppery than gold IMO.
  6. I agree, it is more of a coppery brown color. ;)
  7. Yes, even though there are variations in the color bronze....they are all definately bronze as opposed to gold. And in sunlight they all almost look the same color. But, it's more of a dark bronzey look, not goldish at all.
  8. more brown than gold, it's a very nice color... I am on the look out foor a bedford or thompson st.. cant decide which... bronze or marshmallow....