Bronze Stam or Putty Stam


Which Stam should I keep?

  1. Bronze

  2. Putty

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  1. Ladies, I need your input. So my Stam drama is STILL not over. I just listed the Ivory on ebay, but really like both the putty AND the bronze. Can't keep both-hubby will kill me!!!!!!:sad:

    The putty is really beautiful with the stunning blue suede interior :love::love::love: but there is just something about that bronze that keep me coming back for more.:love::love: What should I do??? Which one would you choose?
    stams_0143.jpg bronze_0147.jpg putty_0145.jpg
  2. Keep the bronze! It's so classy and there's something special about this metallic colour. It does wonders for the bag. I'm not a huge fan of Stams but my head spun when I saw Daisy's pics of her bronze Stam!!!
  3. Keep the bronze! It's gorgeous and unique!
  4. I said putty because I am OBSESSED with the blue suede lining.
  5. This is just my opinion, but I am sooooo not a fan of putty. I think it's a really weird color and it looks like a dingy white.... BUT I think if you wear more earthtone neutrals, it's a nice color. It just doen't look right in my wardrobe of black and jeweltone colors.
  6. I can understand your dilemma! The putty is my favorite color for Stam. I love how the shiny hardware compliments the cool tone of the leather. I owned a putty Stam for a brief period and felt like it looked great with almost everything in my wardrobe. I sold the putty to fund a black Stam because I was too nervous about the putty getting dirty quickly.

    The bronze is my second favorite color for Stam. I love its chameleon-like metallic tone and again, it's a color that will go with almost everything. The good thing about the bronze is it is dark enough that it should be pretty resistant to dirt and stains.

    The question is, will you still love putty Stam when she's no longer pristine and her handles get dark from use? If not, I say keep the bronze.
  7. Ditto! LOVE :love: the blue suede lining. I have the blush patent with the twill lining and although I love my stam, I'm always a little bit sad when I open my stam and see the twill.
  8. Eek - really tough choice, but I'd say that if this is going to be your only Stam, I'd keep the Putty. I love the Bronze too, but the Putty is more neutral and versatile. Even though the Bronze is neutral as well, it still has that metallic sheen. I find the Putty goes with almost everything and I've also got to agree about the blue suede lining - it just pushes it over the top.:P
  9. The bronze is elegant and can be worn day or night. I just bought my first bronze bag in Jan and I have worn it with everything. Bronze is just so Rockstar!!!!!:suspiciou
  10. I'd go for a Putty.
  11. I absolutely LOVE both but I think that the bronze will be too trendy in few years (this metallic, shiny trend can only last so long), while a neutral quilted bag seems like it could last season after season.
  12. putty.
    metallic will go out of style and rub off on some parts
  13. Putty is a classic. The bronze is beautiful too but it's more of a trendy item. Besides, the metallic color might rub off over time. Keep the putty bag!
  14. Keep the putty!
  15. Thanks Ladies-I was waiting for pics of Fall 06 stams-thought they might surprise us with a yummy color, but alas- no dice. I think I'm going to keep the putty. The blue suede interior just thrills me:love::love: and I didn't think about the metallic rubbing off:evil:. That would be such a drag and just my luck. Also-this is a bag that I intend to keep and wear for a long time so I want something timeless.