Bronze Stam? - Nap

  1. hiya all. i saw a bronze stam on NAP. which season is that from? they did not specify hardware and lining so i can't tell... what do we think of this bronze number?
  2. Bagpunk, you can see pictures of the 1st batch of Fall 06's Bronze Stam (C362020) here:
    eBay: MARC JACOBS BRONZE LEATHER QUILTED LARGE STAM BAG NWT (item 220021052210 end time Aug-30-06 11:54:17 PDT)
    Note that only the style number printed on the original MJ paper tag (not the serial number inside the pocket) gives the year/season of a bag. There are 2 batches of Fall 06 Stams, their style numbers are C362020 and C362111. I'm not sure which batch the NAP Bronze Stam belongs to (needs to see the style number on the original MJ paper tag).
  3. ah, so it is fall 06. thanks gals. after the hair-tearing topaz stam saga (which brought me to this forum, and of which baglover is aware of i think since she and the gals were of great help), and after trying to convince myself that the more structured and lighter stam is better, i think i have decided that since i fell in love with the older version/s (never interested in MJ prior to catching a glimpse of the 05 stams), i should stick to looking for one from s/s 06 the latest, and nothing from fall-resort 06... i agree with you thithi, about the colour.
  4. Hi Bagpunk, I have a s/s06 Bronze Stam I got from Bergdorf Goodman's. Mine has the Off-white Canvas Interior (which looks fine IMO) and is kind of meduim-heavy weight wise w/o anything inside and is nice to carry. I wasn't sure between the Bronze and the Black and decided with the Bronze b/c it was different and pretty. I think it is very wearable.

    PS: I got my bag in June 06
  5. oh, i am so confused. i just posted a thread asking if anyone know of the colours for stam for each season, between seasons F/W 05 to S/S 06. let us hope this will clear it once and for all, and it would be a nice addition to our MJ ref thread! :yes:
  6. i also wanted something different. this is how the bronze and gold and all those metalic colours and icy leather caught my attention. but now that i know the differences in fabric linings and hardwares, i am a bit conflicted. when i like the colour, i do not like the lining (haven't see the suede but prefer its look so far compared to cloth ones), and the hardwares (newer ones are too 'bling').

    so i am right now in the process of trying to ascertain which has the best combination of colour, leather texture, hardware, and lining.... well, for over $1000...i want to love everything about it, yes?